REAPER v7.09

v7.09 - January 17 2024

+ Envelopes: restore looping automation item sine/parameteric LFO behavior (revert 7.08 change) [t=285838]
+ FX: improve preset navigation behavior when both user and default presets exist with the same name [t=270990]
+ Glue: fix crash when gluing empty items (7.08 regression) [t=287133]
+ Input FX: fix potential crash with record arm disabled and input FX UI open (7.0 regression)
+ JSFX: report correct initial samplerate in @init when ext_noinit is used [t=286975]
+ Jump to time: if primary ruler display is samples, parse user-entered 8-digit number as samples rather than timecode [t=287041]
+ Lanes: fix pasting razor edits on grouped tracks [t=287303]
+ Lanes: set target lane for insert/paste when preference disabled to set target track when clicking in arrange view, and user clicks on the current target track
+ Lanes: when naming/renaming lanes, support applying name to all lanes and/or replacing '#' with lane number
+ MIDI editor: in track list, hide MIDI media items on hidden tracks when selecting other MIDI items [t=286973]
+ Razor edits: fix undo after applying razor edit to envelope [t=287175]
+ Razor edits: fix undo of region/marker edits when deleting with ripple-all enabled [t=285967]
+ Recording: support $recnumber and $recnumber[N] wildcards, resolve to 1 for the first recorded file with the same name, 2 for the second, etc
+ Region manager: set undo point after setting region render channels
+ Track manager: allow searching for tracks by name in collapsed folders [t=279605]
+ Video: fix reverse and section playback (7.08 regression) [t=287183]