REAPER v7.10

v7.10 - February 9 2024

+ Accessibility: improve state indicators for routing window mute/polarity/mono/MIDI buttons
+ API: fix accessing metronome, master track state via projectconfig_var_getoffs/projectconfig_var_addr
+ API: support get_config_var(__fx_loadstate_ctx) for VST/CLAP use, see C++ header documentation
+ Automation: add project setting to smooth abrupt changes (square envelope points, sharp edits) on volume/pan/width envelopes
+ Automation: use new project setting, if enabled, for envelope smoothing for mute envelopes
+ Automation: improve smoothness when looping automation items with sine or parameteric LFO
+ CLAP: add per-plugin option to disable offsetting automation by PDC [t=287191]
+ CLAP: properly restore saved UI size of resizable plug-ins [t=286523]
+ Configuration export: support saving/restoring Media Explorer metadata caches (including metadata not yet written to media files) [t=287160]
+ Default 6.0 theme: add retina meter mute/unsolo/dim images [t=286642]
+ Envelope manager: add dockable envelope manager to complement track/take envelope window
+ Envelope manager: support editing all selected tracks, selected active takes
+ Envelope window: redesign window using a listview to list envelopes/parameters/etc
+ Envelope window: add combobox for filtering active envelopes, last touched FX parameters, etc
+ Envelope window: filter now supports matching Arm, Visible, Active, UI, Mod, Learn
+ Envelope window: support setting modulation for take FX
+ FX browser: when assigning shortcuts and alt-main section enabled, use alt-main section [t=288018]
+ Lanes: action to duplicate items to new lane does not set new lane playing [p=2754987]
+ Lanes: add actions to explicitly make all lanes big/small
+ Lanes: add actions to explicitly show one/all lanes
+ Lanes: preference to add whole recording when auto-punch recording into a fixed lane track applies regardless of whether comping is enabled
+ Lanes: preference to allow mouse edits in comping lane to expand media items in source lanes is enabled by default for users who have not previously edited the preference (or related preferences)
+ Lanes: track setting to record into first available lane does what it says, even if there is an earlier recording below the new recording
+ Lanes: add option (via Options menu or action) for razor edits on small fixed lane tracks to affect all lanes
+ macOS: fix Sonoma listview checkbox issue
+ Media explorer: fix control overlap when window is very small [p=2756979]
+ Media explorer: fix displaying out-of-tune indicator when pitch detection is enabled
+ Media explorer: handle active search properly when renaming file [t=286683]
+ Media explorer: improve tempo display when previewing MIDI
+ Media explorer: rename copy/paste actions as 'Copy selected files' and 'Paste files' for clarity
+ Meters: improve mute/unsolo indicators on retina displays with various legacy themes
+ MIDI: allow uppercase CC in MIDI reset configuration preference [t=258837]
+ MIDI: display length as both quarter notes and estimated seconds
+ MIDI: display metadata in source media properties dialog
+ MIDI: fix inserting multitrack MIDI onto existing tracks
+ MIDI: improve displayed length of .mid files in Media Explorer
+ MIDI: in source properties dialog, fix transpose setting being applied as output channel when channel filter is also applied
+ MIDI: prevent hanging notes when editing channel filter in media source properties dialog
+ MIDI: fix overlapping notes being corrected during humanization when 'automatically correct overlapping notes' is disabled [t=288033]
+ Mouse modifiers: fix restoring state after using ripple edit mouse modifier [t=286003]
+ Pan law: set default for new projects/tracks to hybrid taper [p=2753690]
+ Parameter modulation windows: add topmost pin for modulation windows
+ Parameter modulation windows: use modal window preference for initial position
+ Preferences: remove misleading 'ms' label on default media item fade-in/fade-out
+ Razor edit: fix deleting tiny media items [t=287852]
+ ReaScript: add Menu_GetHash(), to determine if a menu/toolbar has been customized, or if the default menu/toolbar changed after the current menu/toolbar was customized
+ ReaScript: get_config_var_string() can now be used to query project state in addition to global state
+ ReaScript: improve behavior when removing selection via arrow keys
+ ReaScript: improve performance of MIDI_GetRecentInputEvent() [p=2745361]
+ Region manager: support setting tracks to render as mono, stereo, or multichannel [t=271185]
+ Regions: add actions to set loop points to current, previous, or next region
+ Render: support displaying loudness chart after calculating track/item/media loudness via dry run render
+ Render: fix project name display when writing render statistics to file [t=287807]
+ Snap: add checkbox in snap settings to snap media item edges to source media start/end [t=192498]
+ Synonyms: improve handling of NOT ( list ) [p=2750549]
+ Tempo/Time signature marker: when adding or editing time signature, automatically reset metronome pattern if there is a previous time signature change in the project with the same numerator [t=287422]
+ Tracks: refresh TCP after actions to select or unselect all tracks [t=287651]
+ VST: default paths on new installs use system environment variables rather than absolute paths
+ VST: report prefetch state (for anticipative FX and pre-buffering) to FX