REAPER v6.37rc1

v6.37rc1 - September 27 2021

* Includes feature branch: multichannel, multi-mono, multi-stereo ReaPlugs
* Includes feature branch: ReaLimit and render limiting
* Includes feature branch: MIDI editor note reordering
+ API: improve resolution of and remove center-snap logic from CSurf_OnPanChange*() and CSurf_OnWidthChange*()
+ AU: support difference solo
+ Actions: duplicate selected items creates new groups when duplicating grouped items [t=257557]
+ Actions: duplicate selected items obeys item grouping
+ Actions: fix quirks with 'Expand selected track height, minimize others' action/TCP doubleclick mouse mapping [t=257138]
+ Actions: fix solo button updating when MIDI CC solo state actions are used [t=247350]
+ Actions: fix some soft-takeover corner cases for midi CC actions
+ Automation items: fix possible hang on linux/i686 [t=257166]
+ Batch converter: add brickwall limiter option
+ Envelopes: add advanced project preference (default enabled) to prevent bezier envelope segments from being affected by preceding/following non-bezier points
+ FX browser: scan for new LV2 plug-ins when refreshing list via F5 [t=257658]
+ FX: JSFX, ReaFX VU meter clip indicator behavior matches track VU meters
+ JSFX: support difference solo
+ JSFX: support regular peak metering in cockos loudness meter plugin
+ JSFX: update Flanger preset [t=4908]
+ LV2: notify UIs when time:beatsPerMinute or core:freeWheeling parameter changes occur
+ LV2: support difference solo
+ Linux: allow mousewheel to scroll menus/combobox lists
+ Linux: improve appearance of menus and list/tree views [t=255743]
+ MIDI editor: add custom note order/visiblity mode (ctrl+drag note key in named notes view)
+ MIDI editor: import/export of note names includes custom-view ordering information if set
+ MIDI editor: obey Preferences/Keyboard/alt key opens main menu option on Windows
+ MIDI input: process sysex messages when the terminating byte is a standalone packet [t=257456]
+ MIDI learn: fix "only when selected/focused/visible" preference when using soft takeover [t=253787]
+ MIDI: reset CC/pitch on playback stop is now enabled by default
+ Media explorer: remember the playback start position when stopping preview
+ Media explorer: when selecting new media, if both autoplay and show peaks for selected media are disabled, previous playback will continue
+ Meters: consistent rounding behavior across all peak metering
+ Plug-in pin connector: change track channel count via dropdown, rather than +/- buttons
+ Plug-in pin connector: minor appearance changes
+ Plug-in pin connector: support changing plug-in channel count/configuration for plug-ins that support it (currently only ReaEQ)
+ Plug-in pin connector: support configuring requested VST3 bus size
+ Project bay: read source file attributes from cache if possible, to improve loading time for bays that contain many retained files
+ RMS: fix calculation with certain sample rates [t=257633]
+ Razor edit: allow pressing copy modifier key after mousedown, but before initial mouse move [p=2478084]
+ ReaComp: allow configuration of 1-64 channels, optional multi-mono and multi-stereo modes
+ ReaEQ: support analyzing average of channels or individual channels
+ ReaEQ: support changing channel count from 1-64 channels
+ ReaEQ: update display after resizing when not processing audio
+ ReaFIR: configurable channel count from 1-64 channels in multi-mono and multi-stereo configurations, metering options
+ ReaGate: 1-64 channel support with optional multi-mono/multi-stereo modes
+ ReaLimit: add new program-dependent brickwall limiter plugin
+ ReaLimit: support embedded UI
+ ReaLimit: support multichannel, multi-mono, multi-stereo processing
+ ReaScript: MIDIEditor_GetTake and MIDIEditor_EnumTakes return nil if the MIDI editor is empty
+ ReaScript: add MIDIEditor_EnumTakes()
+ ReaSurround: instantly update I/O size when changing speaker configurations and bypassed
+ ReaVerb: add Channel Tool to allow combining multiple files by channel
+ ReaVerb: configurable channel count, support up to 64 channel impulses
+ ReaVerb: load channel count configuration from presets
+ ReaVerb: reverse impulse modifier can apply to all channels or single channel
+ ReaXcomp: support 1-64 channels, multi-mono/multi-stereo
+ Recording: improve recording behavior with time selection autopunch and PDC [t=242924]
+ Render statistics: report rendered file time, full file path in HTML render statistics
+ Render: VU meter clip indicator behavior matches track VU meters
+ Render: add brickwall limiter option
+ Render: add support for renaming render presets
+ Render: display gain reduction in render peaks display when limiting
+ Render: fix peaks display with very short files
+ Track panels: improve behavior of FX parameter knobs for toggle parameters
+ VST: fix uninitialized pin mapping when plugin I/O increases
+ VST: improve VST2 program support for old plug-ins that do not support effGetProgramNameIndexed
+ VST: improve hard-reset mode to reset soft-reset-only plug-ins
+ VST: improve naming of unnamed programs
+ VST: improve program handling when loading state for plugins that support chunks (e.g. Maize Sample Player)
+ VST: run preset loading synchronously with audio processing
+ Video: fix gfx_deltablit documentation [p=2479952]
+ macOS: fix Big Sur save dialog behavior when exporting to other project types [t=257839]
+ VST: support difference solo (right-click wet/dry knob) to hear difference between dry and phase-inverted wet signal
# Delta solo: output is wet signal + inverted dry signal
# FX pin connector: fix ReaEQ hang
# FX pin connector: fix dropdown positioning
# FX pin connector: support entering any value for track or FX channel count
# FX: add delta solo as I/O menu item in pin connector window
# FX: delta control is a first-class parameter
# FX: update pin connector dialog when changing FX channel configuration via menu
# MIDI editor: autoscroll when reordering note rows
# MIDI editor: custom note ordering is stored per-track rather than per-item
# MIDI editor: fix keyboard drawing glitches around top of view [p=2450683]
# MIDI editor: fix paint linear notes with reordered notes
# MIDI editor: improve auto-selection of custom note view when gluing all items on track [p=2450964]
# MIDI editor: remember whether custom note view was active when switching from drum view to piano keys and back
# MIDI editor: when in custom note view, actions to hide unused/unnamed note rows modify custom view
# MIDI note ordering: fix ordering issue after undo [p=2449996]
# MIDI note ordering: give more visual feedback about selected note [p=2450000]
# Meters: more consistency adjustments
# Project bay: fix likely crash due to cross-module alloc/free [p=2476860]
# Project bay: speed up loading of project bays with many retained media items [p=2477382]
# ReaComp/ReaGate: fix auxiliary input hide/restore when switching between multi-X modes and 1/2 channels
# ReaComp/ReaGate: improve detector input combobox labels
# ReaComp/ReaGate: update pin descriptions to reflect multi-mono/multi-stereo status
# ReaComp: fix crash with legacydeprecatedAA enabled
# ReaComp: multichannel optimizations
# ReaComp: safer locking when changing channel state via configuration load
# ReaLimit/ReaEQ: do not change channel count when loading presets
# ReaLimit: add configurable release time
# ReaLimit: add experimental low latency performance mode
# ReaLimit: add preference to autoscroll display
# ReaLimit: add right-click menu options to freeze display when playback stops, clear display when playback starts, both enabled by default
# ReaLimit: adjust gain reduction scale if input peaks over +0dB [p=2479797]
# ReaLimit: allow zooming out more
# ReaLimit: drawing improvements
# ReaLimit: fix crash on macos
# ReaLimit: fix display on windows when display scaling is set
# ReaLimit: fix metering issue on macOS/xcode8 builds
# ReaLimit: gain reduction meter adapts to gain reduction applied
# ReaLimit: improve VU meter response
# ReaLimit: improve control+drag slider behavior
# ReaLimit: improve multi-stereo behavior with odd number of FX channels
# ReaLimit: improve parameter display when automated
# ReaLimit: improve window resizing behavior
# ReaLimit: increase range for ceiling slider
# ReaLimit: minor display changes
# ReaLimit: rename "limit" to "threshold", change slider range to -60/+12 dB (note: existing projects will change, also you can always type in any value for either slider)
# ReaLimit: restore UI size when reopening project
# ReaLimit: some internal processing changes to smooth out response
# ReaLimit: support API call to get current gain reduction via "GainReduction_dB"
# ReaLimit: support changing channel configuration via plug-in pin connector
# ReaLimit: support displaying summed analysis for all channels
# ReaLimit: with link enabled, double click on slider or embedded UI resets both limit and ceiling
# ReaScript: MIDIEditor_EnumTakes takes an editable_only argument
# Recording: tweak time selection autopunch PDC behavior [p=2348413]
# Render: disable limiting option when applying common gain to stems [p=2481941]
# Render: re-enable applying common gain reduction to stems when limiting [p=2483445]
# VU meters: fix loudness readout when input is silent
# VU meters: more clip indicator consistency improvements