REAPER v7.12

v7.12 - March 26 2024

+ Accessibility: improve accessibility descriptions in Preferences/Item fade defaults
+ Accessibility: improve accessibility for MIDI device list
+ Accessibility: improve application-key menu behavior in various listviews
+ Actions: improve some action descriptions for last touched FX envelope
+ Actions: fix media item quantize action affecting unrelated items on free item positioning or fixed lane tracks [t=289244]
+ ARA: report selection change to plugins when switching active takes
+ Automation: add preference to control whether envelopes with a single point are automatically removed when hiding [t=90282]
+ CLAP: fix pin state loading for plug-ins that change their channel count on state load (e.g. FabFilter)
+ Default theme: make auto-hide behavior of envelopes and routing buttons similar to Default 6 theme
+ Default theme: mixer layout B is now a reworked strip layout
+ Drag and drop: allow dragging FX and routing to tracks in track manager
+ Freeze: exit comping when freezing a track
+ Freeze: treat media items on fixed lanes that do not play as if they were muted items
+ Grouping: increase tolerance for track edit grouping to include items that start and end within 2ms of each other
+ Initialization: warn on startup if configuration file cannot be written to (avoid unexpected behavior when running portable installation without directory write permission, for example)
+ Lanes: actions to automatically create comp areas prefer media items in higher numbered lanes rather than lower numbered lanes
+ Lanes: action to reset lane names will reset lanes named like 'C1' if they have no comp areas
+ Lanes: add actions to explicitly set (rather than toggle) recording options to add lanes, add lanes in layers, or not add lanes
+ Lanes: add track setting for media items on higher numbered lanes to automatically mask playback of lower lanes
+ Lanes: display implied crossfade when a media item is masked by the fade-in or fade-out of another media item
+ Lanes: do not set new lanes playing when inserting multiple media items and only one lane currently playing [p=2767175]
+ Lanes: fix behavior of action to comp into new empty lane when comp lane already exists
+ Lanes: fix crash when trying to insert more than 128 lanes
+ Lanes: fix pasting razor edits or media items to fixed lane tracks when comping is active [t=289260]
+ Lanes: fix undo after changing comping lane [p=2734645]
+ Lanes: handle corner case when auto-removing lane from two lane track with no media [p=2757796]
+ Lanes: prevent creating comp areas that are fully enclosed by other comp areas
+ Lanes: respect setting to automatically comp new recording when in autopunch mode but recording does not intersect the time selection or selected items [t=288422]
+ Lanes: update display after auto-punch recording with comping enabled [t=288667]
+ macOS: improve peaks drawing quality in Retina mode
+ macOS: possible drawing performance fixes with M2/Sonoma/Metal enabled
+ Media explorer: add option to close window on escape key
+ Media explorer: support enabling, disabling, remapping individual channels for audio or MIDI
+ Media explorer: support manually entering time selection start/end times
+ Media explorer: support inserting selected portion of media into existing media item [t=268245]
+ Media explorer: restore most recently used channel mapping when reloading a file that was previously previewed
+ Media explorer: apply preview channel playback configuration to media when inserting
+ Media explorer: disable reverse preview actions for MIDI (has never been supported, but display was misleading)
+ Media explorer: display channel count for MIDI files (may require re-reading metadata from media)
+ Media explorer: display preview playback position, length, time selection in beats for beat-based media (MIDI, REX)
+ Media explorer: display ruler on media preview
+ Media explorer: fix APEv2 tag after writing new metadata to .mp3 files
+ Media explorer: fix displaying out-of-tune indicator when pitch detection is enabled
+ Media explorer: improve display of MIDI markers and cues
+ Media explorer: improve randomness of action to randomize file list
+ Media items: fix occasionally not displaying take markers that are at the very start of the media item
+ Media items: when preference enabled to clamp media item edge edits to source media start/end, and item has multiple takes, clamp to the earliest start or latest end
+ Metadata: automatically set/clear default image type when setting/clearing image metadata
+ Metadata: remember last used metadata scheme selection when reopening REAPER
+ MIDI: fix inserting multitrack MIDI onto existing tracks
+ MIDI editor: add option to not draw CC events in non-editable contexts
+ MIDI editor: do not preview note when clicking/dragging piano roll with modifiers that are mapped to 'No action'
+ MIDI editor: do not show hidden tracks in track list
+ MIDI editor: ensure double-click on collapsed CC lane expands the lane [t=289393]
+ MIDI editor: improve grid-line navigation on items with non-1.0 playrates [t=289129]
+ Mouse modifiers: respect arrange view override when clicking within track spacer or below last track [t=288574]
+ Notation editor: fix display of ties when note extends past the right edge of the screen in continuous view [t=288216]
+ Peaks: add display mode to color peaks by loudness (LUFS-M or LUFS-S), or display a colored loudness graph over the media item
+ Peaks: add option to display tooltip with peak value and loudness, when displaying loudness peaks or when loudness peaks were previously generated and cached
+ Peaks: add preferences to always generate and cache info for loudness, spectral peaks even if not currently displayed
+ Peaks: support renaming presets for spectral, loudness, spectrogram peaks
+ Peaks: support loading/saving/renaming/resetting display presets from '...' dropdown menu in peaks display settings window, when displaying spectral, loudness, spectrogram peaks
+ Peaks: support retina drawing in peaks display settings window
+ Preferences: add new Editing Behavior/Automation Items page, move existing preferences there
+ Preferences: add new Media/Peaks Generation page
+ Preferences: add preference for fixed lane tracks to enable media items in higher numbered lanes masking lower numbered lanes by default
+ Project bay: do not report unavailable FX as idle
+ ReaScript: add GetSetMediaTrackInfo('C_LANESETTINGS') [p=2763381]
+ ReaScript: add Lua usage example for SendMIDIMessageToHardware() [t=276925]
+ ReaScript: improve default rounding of gfx.roundrect() [p=2768237]
+ ReaScript: improve support for newer Python versions
+ ReaScript: update audio status menubar text in response to GetSetProjectInfo_String with RECORD_PATH or RECORD_FORMAT [t=289432]
+ Render: do not apply dither to the first rendered sample if it would otherwise be zero
+ Render: fix peaks display when calculating loudness of selected items via dry run render [t=288907]
+ Render: fix render statistics chart for video renders [t=288336]
+ Render: respect render settings to dither/noise shape stem renders
+ Take markers: avoid possible crash when editing or deleting take markers on currently-recording items
+ Toolbars: update customized toolbar buttons after actions to display various views of the routing/grouping/region matrix window [t=288273]
+ Tracks: add actions to crop to playing media items (not muted, not on lanes that do not play back, not masked by other media items), or copy playing media items to new track
+ Transport: fix macOS retina drawing glitch with some themes [t=288253]
+ Wildcards: add support for $notes wildcard, resolves to the text in the Project Settings/Notes dialog