REAPER v7.14+dev0412

v7.14+dev0412 - April 12 2024

* Include feature branch: improved time signature marker editing behavior
* Includes feature branch: support adding image metadata to mp3 files in Media Explorer
* Includes feature branch: optionally prompt to adjust tempo of empty project when importing media
* Includes feature branch: support preserving source media metadata when rendering master mix or stems
* Includes feature branch: more informational error messages when writing new files fails
* Includes feature branch: up-rank/down-rank takes and take markers
* Includes feature branch: additional localization options
* Includes feature branch: extended ASCII encoding for .wav file text metadata
+ Actions: clarify that split actions that select the left-hand item also crossfade to the left of the split point [t=286185]
+ Actions: fix action to split items at markers or timeline grid potentially not splitting items on hidden tracks
+ Actions: respect global crossfade preference when running actions to split items at grid or at markers
+ System: automatically clear SSE exception flags for systems/plug-ins that leave exceptions in incorrect states
# Tempo map: fix more bugs in new mixed mode