REAPER v7.15rc1

v7.15rc1 - April 16 2024

* Includes feature branch: support preserving source media metadata when rendering master mix or stems
* Includes feature branch: more informational error messages when writing new files fails
+ API: extend screenset API slightly for ReaImGui
+ Accessibility: improve descriptions for JSFX text edit fields
+ Accessibility: improve descriptions for various FX text edit fields
+ Accessibility: improve keyboard accessibility via pageup/down, home/end, of various sliders
+ Accessibility: improve macOS VoiceOver keyboard behavior for standalone sliders
+ Actions: clarify that split actions that select the left-hand item also crossfade to the left of the split point [t=286185]
+ Actions: fix action to split items at markers or timeline grid potentially not splitting items on hidden tracks
+ Actions: respect global crossfade preference when running actions to split items at grid or at markers
+ Color theme: fix labeling of odd vs even media item background color in theme tweaker [t=289479]
+ FLAC: display error message when attempting to record or render to an unsupported FLAC configuration (more than 8 channels, etc)
+ FX: allow reordering reaper-native presets using ctrl+up/down with preset combo box focused
+ FX: improve pin connector dialog default size with JSFX [t=290028]
+ Lanes: fix comp areas breaking when using multiple comping lanes [t=290278]
+ MIDI editor: improve appearance of measure start with swing grid enabled [t=283527]
+ MIDI editor: improve behavior of move notes left/right by grid when using non-1.0 playrates
+ MIDI editor: improve behavior of move notes left/right by grid when using swing
+ MIDI editor: improve keyboard navigation when using swing grid [t=288971]
+ MIDI editor: improve swing grid behavior with non-1.0 playrates
+ MIDI editor: improve various grid/editing behaviors with 'ignore project tempo' enabled
+ Media Explorer: improve preserving non-overwritten .mp3 metadata when adding new metadata
+ Media explorer: fix APEv2 tag after writing new metadata to .mp3 files
+ Media explorer: support displaying embedded image metadata (via action or double-click on 'image' column)
+ Metadata: automatically set/clear default image type when setting/clearing image metadata
+ Mixer: allow moving tracks to before, within, or after an existing spacer that is before or after the track
+ Mixer: support dragging tracks to before, within, or after track spacers [t=288785]
+ ReaDelay: improve length parameter names
+ ReaPlugs: parse -inf user input in various dB contexts
+ ReaScript: do not correct reversed FX min/max parameters in SetParamNormalized [t=290126]
+ ReaScript: fix GetThingFromPoint() when mouse is over track manager and track manager is displaying no tracks [t=290056]
+ Regions: fix moving/copying regions with locked media items [t=290117]
+ Render: support preserving existing metadata when rendering master mix or tracks, not just selected media items
+ Take markers: do not display markers that occur before the visible item start, regardless of zoom level
+ Theme: fix volume knob size in strip mixer
+ Tooltips: clear media item tooltip correctly [p=2773110]
+ Tracks: allow dragging a track to within an existing spacer immediately above the track
+ VST: fix bugs in mainthread-only automation notification response mode
+ VST: ignore feedback parameter change notifications from plugins while automating
+ macOS: fix mousewheel support in menus on Sonoma
+ macOS: improve FX plug-in resize behavior when switching monitors on recent macOS versions
# Accessibility: fix reaplugs slider descriptions
# Accessibility: improve labels
# Accessilbity: allow -inf input for ReaDelay volume/feedback and ReaPitch volume
# MIDI editor: fix grid navigation with large grid size and swing enabled
# MIDI editor: improve note length when using swing and 'ignore tempo'
# MIDI editor: improve note painting behavior with 'ignore tempo' etc
# MIDI editor: more swing/playrate fixes
# VST: fix automation notifications randomly being ignored with parameters automated