REAPER v6.37+dev1014

v6.37+dev1014 - October 14 2021

* Includes feature branch: media item lanes
+ Command line: support both -template and filename arguments [t=258395]
+ JSFX: add options to Loudness Meter for writing automation inverted and selecting single output value
+ Media item lanes: when dragging new media to a fixed lane track, add lanes if the new media overlaps with existing media
+ Metronome: support 2x or 4x click speed multiplier
+ Metronome: update click source peaks display when updating metronome settings or click source properties
+ Mouse modifiers: add modifier to adjust fade-in/fade-out curve with relative edge edit [t=258427]
+ Project notes: support automatic word wrap
+ Project: add title field in Project Settings/Info dialog, accessible to render, metadata, etc wildcards as $title
+ ReaComp/ReaGate: perform extra validation on multichannel mode configuration state
+ ReaEQ: fix UI update issues when loading presets on Windows
+ ReaEQ: update graph display when resizing and analysis is disabled [t=258420]
+ ReaScript: add MIDI_GetRecentInputEvent() for enumerating recent MIDI input events
+ ReaScript: deprecate GetSetProjectAuthor, use GetSetProjectInfo_String with desc="PROJECT_AUTHOR" instead
+ ReaScript: fix TakeFX_GetParamFromIdent [t=258477]
+ ReaVerb: fix reverb generator crash with zero-width (6.37 regression) [t=258397]
+ ReaXcomp: fix UI update issues when loading presets on Windows
+ Render: localize "dry run" text
+ Theme: add mcp_fxembed scalar to WALTER [t=257691]
+ Track VU: add option to measure LUFS on first two channels only
+ macOS: improve textfield behavior with certain key mappings in menu items [t=258450]
# Media item lanes: fix overlapping item drawing when zoomed in [p=2485006]
# ReaScript: update TrackFX_GetParamFromIdent documentation for delta parameter