REAPER v6.38+dev1018

v6.38+dev1018 - October 18 2021

* Includes feature branch: media item lanes
+ Accessibility: improve focus state restoration when navigating media explorer
+ Linux: fix fullscreen behavior (6.37 regression) [t=258543]
+ Linux: fix issues with owned windows being lost in the Z order after entering/leaving fullscreen
+ Media explorer: fix restarting playback from non-zero position when changing playback rate [p=2489305]
+ Opus: update to opus-1.3.1
+ Opus: update to opusfile 0.12
+ Render: specify utf-8 character set for HTML render statistics display
+ Render: support embedding some common multichannel formats via WAVFORMATEXTENSIBLE [t=233072]
+ Theme adjuster: fix macOS-arm64 retina drawing
+ Theme adjuster: improve usability on vertically-constrained displays [t=255162]
+ WAV: display wave_ext channel assignments in media source properties dialog, if available
# Media item lanes: reset lane state for tracks passed through during edit [p=2488702]
# ReaScript: MIDI_GetRecentInputEvent() ignores midi clock/active sensing messages